Religion, Ammunition, a bad guy with an undercut – what else would a Far Cry sequel need?

If you have been keeping up with Ubisoft’s posts, you may know that Ubisoft is currently teasing an upcoming sequel to the widely-acclaimed Far Cry series, Far Cry 5.

The picture here is what Ubisoft has uploaded recently. Something tells me there’s a lot more coming this way.

Now let’s begin with finding out what the image hints at, the contents that are mostly going to be in the game –
I can see planes in the back, a red Jeep, a tractor, maybe it’s possible to drive them. I see an AR-15 Rifle in the dude’s hand (America’s Favorite). There’s explosions in the background, hints to an Oil War…maybe?

Oh, there’s the Ubisoft Classic – towers to climb on (it’s getting boring now Ubisoft.)

There’s a prisoner being tied up with the word “SINNER” written on his back. Most likely being held to be executed. Similar manner was seen in Far Cry 3’s And Far Cry 4’s reveal posters as well.

There’s a church to some religious organization, it kind of seems like the KuKluxKlan organisation because in the teaser trailers, there’s footage of a Black man running for his life across a field, who ultimately gets shot.

Baddie in the middle seems like the Villain, who most likely plays the role of a Religious Leader, also has a religious book. The order in which they’re sitting across the table looks eerily familiar to the famous painting “The Last Supper.”

If you seem to notice, the Star-studded American flag has been replaced by the cult’s flag symbol and that flag has been put above the American flag near the church.

There’s a baddie with a knife, holding a Wolf in chains with a cross drawn on it’s face. (Dealing with that is going to be difficult.)

There’s the good ol’ Bow, few projectile rockets, Automatic Rifles, Revolvers and Pistols scattered on the table and below.

Mountainous terrain in the background, cornfields, snowy mountains, possibility of caves.
Another weird thing – whose hand is coming out from the extreme right? Strange.

Stay hooked as we find out more about Far Cry 5!


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