Ready Or Not is an upcoming game by Void Interactive, made with Unreal Engine 4, this game has caused quite a spark in the community. Having played both – Rainbow-Six Siege and SWAT 4, these questions arise in my mind – Is this game really a SWAT 4 clone or is it just Rainbow-Six Siege with more realism and better Graphics? Let’s run this down and compare all 3 games…

Let’s first start with keeping in mind that Ready Or Not has completely no relation with SWAT 4 or Rainbow-Six Siege, SWAT series were developed by Irrational Games and Published by Vivendi Universal Games and the Rainbow-Six series were developed by Ubisoft Montreal. According to some people, How ever different these games might be, they all have the same ‘type’ of gameplay. SWAT series revolve around a SWAT team defusing hostile situations and on the other hand we have Rainbow-Six Siege which has only one playable Character from each – SWAT, GIGN, SAS, GSG9 and Spetznaz which has 2 Teams competing against each other. From the trailer reveal, we know that Ready Or Not also revolves around a single SWAT team.  Also, the trailer  is a work of art, I recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

“But what’s the difference? Isn’t this just another stereotypical game?” – The answer to that question is a big NOReady Or Not has been in development since the last year and this game, this beautiful game, is being made by only 3 guys, Highly Experienced guys I might add. That’s where the beauty is, these guys did not ask for a kickstarter campaign, they just went for it and just started making the game.

“That’s it? How else does this game differ?” – Ready Or Not, being aimed at realism, puts you in the boots of an elite SWAT team and the game definitely has a Lot to offer –

Strategic Map Planning : (Just like in the beginning of a Payday 2 heist, just no drawing d**ks) the “Planning Phase” allows the players to strategically plan their game, entry points and load-outs with a wide array of equipment.

Multiplayer : Team up with up to 8 players in frantic co-op or go against other SWAT players in a claustrophobic and competitive environment.

Bullet Ballistics : Bullets are greatly affected by Drag and Distance which ultimately affects the Accuracy as the Distance increases. Bullets also Penetrate thin objects, Penetration values are different for every bullet of course. They also Ricochet and that requires a lot of Programming right there.

Dynamic Movement and Stances : You will be given the ability to change your stance bit by bit for that perfect bit of marksmanship. You will be also be able to move Tactically or Stealthily. Even the doors have Dynamics on this one, meaning that you can breach the doors at the pace you want.

Over 30 Unique Items : You will be given a Plethora of Lethal and Non-Lethal equipment which comes directly from the SWAT Armories of course.  Talk about dominating Terrorists in a disciplined manner. If you don’t wanna rain hell on those terrorists, there are also Non-Lethal alternatives like Pepper Guns Tasers, Beanbag Shotguns and lot more to be revealed.


I, for one, am extremely hyped for Ready Or Not. This is a game which is worthy of a Pre-Order! Thanks for reading.

(Information and Media gotten from Void Interactive’s website)


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